Majestic Keratin Hair Mask with Argan Oil 8oz

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Majestic Hair Botox's Hair Mask is a brilliant combination of vitamin A, B, C, E , argan oil and other powerful ingredients to repair damage, control frizz and provides a brilliant shine and softness to your hair. The ingredients penetrate deep into the hair to restore elasticity and rebuild strength while repairing the damages caused by chemicals and other environmental stresses. This unique formula will help bring back your hair’s natural health leaving it moisturized and shiny.


  • Remove frizz and reverse chemical damage
  • Leaves hair shiny and moisturized
  • Protect and maintain the MK hair treatments
  • Easy to apply with an amazing scent

How To Use:

  • Wash hair with MK Replenishing Shampoo and towel dry
  • Apply mask to wet hair, leave on hair for 15 – 20 minutes with cap under dryer
  • Rinse well and style as desired as you feel the brilliant transformation instantly.


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