If you're interested in learning about nails lets start with the basics.

  1. [ NAIL POLISH ]  This is the most basic item you'll need. There are endless colors and finishes to choose from, including glitter, metallic, matte, and glossy.

  2. [ BASE COAT ]  This goes on before the nail polish to protect your nails from staining and to help the polish adhere better.

  3. [ TOP COAT ]  Applied after the nail polish, a top coat adds shine and helps protect the polish from chipping.

  4. [ NAIL POLISH REMOVER ]  This is needed to remove old nail polish. There are both acetone and non-acetone versions available.

  5. [ COTTON PARDS OR BALLS ]  These are used with the nail polish remover to take off the polish.

  6. [ NAIL FILE ] This is used to shape the nails. There are different types of nail files like glass, emery, and metal.

  7. [ NAIL BUFFER ]  A nail buffer is used to smooth the surface of your nails.

  8. [ CUTICLE PUSHER ] This tool is used to push back the cuticles.

  9. [ CUTICLE NIPPER ]  This tool is used to trim the cuticles.

  10. [ NAIL CLIPPERS ]  These are used to trim the nails.

  11. [ NAIL BRUSH ]  This is used to clean under the nails and around the cuticles.

  12. [ NAIL TOOL ART ]  If you're interested in nail art, there are many tools available, such as brushes, dotting tools, striping tapes, and stamps.

  13. [ NAIL STRENGTHENER ]  If you have weak or brittle nails, a nail strengthener can help improve their health and resilience.

  14. [ HAND CREAM ]  Keeping your hands and cuticles moisturized is important for nail health.

  15. [ NAIL DRYING SPRAY | LAMP ]  To help speed up the drying process, you can use a nail drying spray or a lamp if you are using gel polish.

Remember to always take care of your nails and cuticles to maintain their health. Avoid harsh chemicals, and give your nails a break from polish every once in a while to prevent them from becoming weak and brittle.

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