Keune Color Ultimate Blonde Neutralizing Spray 10oz

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This spray, dubbed Unstoppable Blonde, can be used to neutralize unwanted brassiness in blonde hair colors after a lifting treatment.

  • This ready to use professional spray is perfect to refresh unwanted yellow tones that can appear after a lifting service.
  • Neutralizes instantly with a silk protein infused base.

The benefits of using the Neutralizing Spray as a pre-toner include saving time and money. When trying to achieve cool end results, oftentimes two toners are necessary—the first to remove warmth and the second to deposit the cool tone. When utilizing Keune’s Neutralizing Spray as your step one, you only need one toner and are saving yourself a Semi or Tinta Color application and 20 to 30 minutes of processing time. You are also saving on product cost because now only one application of Semi Color is necessary.

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