Jaguar Shears Pre Style Relax 5.5 Inch Offset Design Professional Ergonomic Steel Hair Cutting & Trimming Scissors for Salon Stylists, Beauticians, and Barbers

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Jaguar pre style relax hairdressing scissor comes in an offset design with an ergonomic handle for relaxed working. It features an angled thumb ring for a relaxed working posture without pressure marks. It is having very long-lasting sharpness due to the use of special forged steel. The adjustable, self-contained flat smart spin screw system allows incomparably easy, perfect cutting action. Length: 5.5-Inch.

  • OFFSET DESIGN: Professional hair cutting shears features an offset design with an ergonomic handle for relaxed working for salon stylist, beauticians, and barbers
  • SATIN POLISH FINISH: Both cutting edges these professional hair shears come with a satin polished finish.
  • MADE IN GERMANY: Classic blades with a flat cutting edge angle for excellent sharpness. German style edge with micro serrations on one blade avoids slippage of the hair.
  • MOVABLE THUMB RING: The movable thumb ring follows the natural movement of the thumb during hair cutting and ensures total relaxation. Individually lockable in any position.
  • COMFORTABL: Short, downward angled thumb handle for ergonomic working posture and a relaxed-feel while cutting. Arm, neck, and shoulder muscles remain relaxed. Also, the angled thumb ring reduces friction and pressure marks and gives secure control of the shears. Hair cutting becomes even more pleasant and comfortable.

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