GIBS Grooming Showman Water Wax 2oz

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Showman Water Wax - ready to rock your inner ringmaster? Let your style take center stage with Showman, a water-based wonder wax for show stopping shine that takes hair from simple to spectacular in the blink of an eye. This lightweight, hybrid formula features the light to medium hold of a pomade with the finish and feel of a wax, delivering unimaginable shine on wet or dry hair. From classic slick backs to defined texture, this wonder product drops the curtain on humidity and steals the grooming show with hops, holy basil and prickly pear to soothe, hydrate and condition hair and scalp. Beeswax steps in for the standing O of additional hold as you steal the spotlight with the perfect H2Old!

Features and Benefits:

  • Showman Water Wax the lightweight formula features light-to-medium hold of a pomade with the finish and feel of a wax, delivery unimaginable shine one wet or dry hair.

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