GIBS Grooming Con Man Hair Pudding 7.5oz

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This is one savvy, sly pudding. Just when you think it’s only got your hair hydration covered, it gives you the slip, coming back in to add mild style and volume. But don’t be fooled, those aren’t the only tricks of the trade this product knows; it can take your beard from wily and dry to healthy, strong and replenished in a flash.
Reinforced with Guar and Guarana for deep hydration, increased shine, and an all-over healthier appearance. But don’t forget their accomplices, Burdock Root and Hibiscus, who offer stealth antiseptic and antioxidant properties, helping to leave your scalp nice and fresh for a clean getaway.

How To Use:

  • Apply a small amount evenly throughout damp, detangled hair, working from ends to roots.
  • For Texture: Use fingers to style, knot, or twist to create desired texture. Air-dry or blow dry with a diffuser.
  • For Mild Styling: For soft volume and hold, blow dry with vent brush.
For Beards:
  • Apply a small amount throughout beard for deep hydration and mild hold.
  • Lightly blow dry for best hold.
Features and Benefits:
Fortified with:
  •  Hydrogenated Castor Oil

Rich in Vitamin E, proteins and minerals
Deeply conditions while helping repair split ends and prevent further damage

  • Guar

Intense moisturizing and detangling benefits
Helps to improve strength and elasticity of hair

  • Guarana

Promotes a healthy, replenished scalp
Helps improve hair’s smoothness and shine

  • Burdock Root Extract

Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties
Helps to replenish dry, damaged hair and skin

  • Hibiscus Extract

Natural cleanser that is rich in antioxidants and moisturizing benefits


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