Framesi Professional Activator 25 Volume

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Framesi Professional Activator 25 Volume - Not All Developers are Created Equal! Rich, liquid-cream developer features an Integrated System of ingredients and technologies that, when mixed with Framesi haircolor, allow the color molecules to penetrate deeper into the cortex for a more perfect and gentle color service with moisture, condition, protection and a longevity unlike ever achieved before.
Framesi developers are made to go hand-in-hand with Framesi haircolor and lighteners. Framesi uses quality ingredients such as vegetable coconut oil and conditioning agents which help to create incredible shine, condition, protection and longevity.
Features and Benefits:
  • For best results use with Framesi hair color and lighteners
  • Enhanced color adherence for long-lasting, even color deposit while softening and hydrating the scalp and hair
  • Saturates the hair and scalp in moisture and reduces scalp sensitivity
  • Better adherence and spreadability of haircolor, especially on resistant hair for superior coverage
  • Increased scalp comfort and a more gentle sensory scalp experience without affecting color deposit
  • Cruelty Free
  • 100% Vegan
  • Gluten Free

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