Deva Curl The Beauty Of Voluminous Curls Holiday

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New for ultimate Curl Flexibility. DevaCurl's formulas are dermatologist co-developed, backed by science and stylist approved. Get your curls ready to reach new heights & fight frizz with a dream team that gives them fullness, definition, moisture, shine, bounce, and beyond. Plus, enjoy a versatile fabric wrap that rises to many occasions by UNWRP®.

Plumping Primer lightweight gelée with an Amino Acid Complex for healthy-looking curls also enhances curl body and shape, controls and reduces frizz, maintains shine, improves manageability and combability and is non-flaky, non-stiff and non-crunchy.

Frizz-fighting volumizing llightweight foam with the Airy Volume Complex also enhances curl body and shape, retains bounce, maintains shine, encourages curl clumping, improves manageability and combability and minimizes flyaways, and is non-flaking, non-stiff, non-crunchy and lightweight.


  • Plumping Primer 5oz
  • Frizz-Fighting Volumizing Foam 8oz
  • Free UNWRP Fabric Wrap


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