Deva Curl SuperCream Definer 18oz

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New for ultimate Curl Flexibility. DevaCurl's formulas are dermatologist co-developed, backed by science and stylist approved. Meet DevaCurl's superhero styler. This multitasking, ultra-rich cream with a hydra-definition blend provides coarse curls with smoothness, shape, shine and frizz control.

This multitasking, ultra-rich cream with a hydra-definition blend also encourages curl shape and definition, enhances curl body and shape, adds shine, improves manageability and combability, minimizes flyaways, and is non-flaking, non-stiff and non-crunchy.

If you have dry, fine curls, Wave Maker, a lightweight cream with a hydra-definition blend is recommended. If you have dry, medium to coarse curls, DevaCurl® recommends Styling Cream, a rich cream with a hydra-definition blend.

Contains a Warm Coconut fragrance, a creamy coconut scent that is luxurious and addictive.

How To Use:

  • Rub between palms and smooth over soaking wet curls.
  • On thicker curls, apply in sections.
  • Do not rinse.
  • Style as usual.
  • Shake at the root when fully dry for a boost.


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