Framesi - Lava Hydro Gel Strong 5.1oz

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An exclusive easy to apply formula that moisturizes, restructures and restores shine during setting, thanks to the efficacy of lava derivatives. Special iridescent effects enhance the hair’s natural shine.

How To Use:

  • Apply Lava Hydro Gel Strong to damp hair and proceed with styling.
  • For added volume on fine hair, apply Lava Hydro Gel Strong to hair shaft and blow hair dry.
  • Apply product to damp, curly hair and allow to air dry into beautiful strong curls.
  • Lava Hydro Gel Strong can be mixed with a couple drops of Slush Gloss to soften the
  •  stiffness while still providing a strong hold.        
Features and Benefits:
  • Exceptional hold, volume and shine
  • Moisturizes, restructures and restores shine during setting
  • Alcohol free
  • Preserves integrity of the hair
  • Volcanic ash derivatives

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