UNIQ ONE Uniq One Coconut Shampoo 10 oz

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  • Hair nuisances like frizz are also eradicated after only one usage, to maximise manageability of hair ahead of styling.
  • Strength is also imbued deep down into each fibre, repairing and fending off the damage caused by heat and reducing hair breakage in the process.
  • If youre keeping count thats only nine wondrous ways to benefit your hair, but dont worry the tenth is equally as impressive; complete split end prevention.
  • And now all of this is accomplished with an incredible Coconut scent.
  • Uniq One All In One Conditioning Shampoo uses a complex formula with a core ingredient of Soy Bean to achieve its many varied effects.
  • When used in conjunction with the Uniq One Treatment the efficacy is further increased, with further moisture being distributed to every area of the scalp that requires it.


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