Tan Inc Mai Tai Mimosa 8.5 oz

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Tan Candy™ Temptingly Tan Maximizing Crème combines the richest dark tanning ingredients with Sugar Cane & Sweet Almond Oil for deeply moisturized skin and dark color results! Enjoy a taste of darkness with Tan Candy’s Temptingly Tan Maximizing Creme. This deliciously dark blend combines the richest dark tanning ingredients for gorgeous golden color while Sugar Cane and Sweet Almond Oil help your skin feel soft and sweet. Mixed with a sweet candy scent Tan Candy will be your favorite tanning treat. "• CandyColorTM Tanning Complex combines natural color enhancers for rich sweet golden color.
• Decadent moisturizing blend of Sugar Cane and Sweet Almond Oil helps to lock in color while leaving skin feel silky and soft.
• Antioxidant enriched Cocoa Complex helps skin look smooth and toned for a flawless radiant finish.
• Savory Sweet Pink Lemonade Fragrance.
• Paraben Free."

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