Tan Inc BEACH BUNNY BLACK 13.5 fl. oz

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This great tanning lotion is called a Triple Shot Intensifier for a reason, it is strong, powerful and energizing. You will enjoy your tanning results with this product. We’re always looking for a dynamic boost to our tanning sessions and the time is right now #Powerup. This Triple Shot Intensifier is the ultimate tanning and skincare trifecta whether tanning outdoors, indoors, or to enhance your sunless experience. Ginger Extract combined with Aloe Vera helps maximize hydration by soothing and conditioning skin for a more radiant complexion while Ginseng, Caffeine and Brown Algae help invigorate and energize skin for a smoother, brighter healthier glow. Get ready to experience the ultimate tanning prize, the Triple Crown of Color. #triplethreat "• Extra strong Intensifier with Tyrosine helps to enhance your tan for rich, golden color.
• Ginger Extract and Aloe Vera help condition and moisturize skin for optimum hydration.
• Ginseng, Caffeine and Brown Algae bring your tan to life giving it a boost of glowing radiance." Tropical Fruit Oasis

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