Rust & Pine Beard & Hairwash 8 oz

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  • While other men’s beard washes leave your skin feeling dry, itchy or unclean, our natural beard wash combines Argan Oil with other natural ingredients that work together to produce a superior lather and remove the impurities that build up in your facial hair throughout the day. This means a CLEAN, SOFT, SHINY and TANGLE FREE beard with a natural healthy look
  • The number one complaint about men’s beard shampoo is that it doesn’t completely rid the beard of bad odors. Ours does! Every time you use our beard wash you’ll experience the powerful explosive lather effect and feel the cleansing action along with a soothing sensation (you’ll feel on your skin) that leaves your facial hair hydrated, moisturized and frizz free… and you’ll smell great too!
  • You want more than just a clean beard you want to help create an environment for healthy beard growth. Wash your beard knowing you’re not stripping out the natural oils which is important if you want a natural look and feel. Our beard wash will always leave you with a soft, clean, more manageable residue free bear.


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