Rusk W8Less Plus Hairspray Bonus Size 80% VOC

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Designer Collection™ W8less™ Plus Extra Strong Hold Shaping and Control Hairspray is an extra-strong hold shaping and control hairspray. It provides texture, natural shine, and long-lasting, touchable support. For all hair types.
How To Use:
  • Mist on wet hair during thermal styling for added hold and support.
  • Use a brush or your fingers with the heat of a blow-dryer to infuse the hair with texture and body.
  • To finish, mist evenly for extra hold.
Features and Benefits:
  • Extra-strong hold shaping and control hairspray that provides versatility.
  • Contains Thermplex, a unique combination of ingredients that activates with the heat of a blow-dryer to provide shine, control and condition from the inside out.

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