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REF Weightless Volume Shampoo is a nourishing and fragrant shampoo that contains specially developed botanical extracts that protects, strengthens and highlights the structure of the hair. This protein rich shampoo is ideal for thin and fine hair and gives hair a sleek and glossy look. REF Weightless Volume shampoo intensifies density and gives a long lasting boost. A sulfate free and nourishing shampoo that protects hair color from fading and gives the structure of your hair a renewed and fuller finish. 


 Inviting aroma of organic grapefruit

Contains invigorating quinoa proteins 


ideal for thin and fine hair - Intensifies density of hair - Provides a long-lasting lift - Prevents hair color from fading - Gives hair a renewed and fuller finish Usage - Apply to wet hair - Take an appropriate amount in the hands - Distribute it evenly through the hair - Massage well into the hair into a lather - Rinse hair thoroughly - Use as needed.


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