Redavid Max Hold Finishing Spray 10 oz

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Mist It In. Texture It Up. For A Hold That Lasts. Max Hold Spray
Amp up the volume or tease it up with this texturizing finishing spray that delivers durable and lasting all day hold.
Recommended for: Any hair that needs durable, lasting hold.
How To Use:
  • 4 Styling Hacks for Max Hold Finishing Spray
  • Finishing Hairspray such as REDAVID Max Hold Spray should be used when you need to create texture with a natural look, but need more durability and lasting strength & volume that will last all day.
  • Here are 4 of Team REDAVID’s favorite tips:
  • FOR A SLEEKER BRIDAL UPDO: Spray your hands with REDAVID Max Hold Spray and run them through the hair.
  • This technique will help to keep flyaways in place and you don’t have to worry about overusing the hairspray.
  • FOR PERFECT NON-GREASY BANGS: Overuse of product can leave bangs greasy…so use styling products sparingly.
  • To give bangs a little structure, backcomb a tiny bit at the root and use a little REDAVID Max Hold Spray to keep them down and control any flyaways.
  • TO CREATE MESSY SLEPT-IN WAVES: Instead of raking your fingers through like a comb while styling your hair, grip and chunk! Spray the hair liberally from root to tip with REDAVID Max Hold Spray and then fist your hands over each section, as if you are making a rope. The result is a celebrity worthy piece-y yet sexy look that takes any style to new heights!
  • CREATE STICKY BOBBY PINS FOR UPDOS: Getting updo’s or styles to stay in place, especially if the hair is super soft or stick straight can be challenging. Before you know it…bobby pins start falling out and losing hold.
  • Spray the bobby pins on a towel with REDAVID Max Hold spray and shake the towel to distribute the hairspray prior to placement.
  • Pin away! These sticky bobby pins will stay put.
  • Also, always make sure the crimped section of the bobby pin faces into the scalp…the right way to secure bobby pins.
Features and Benefits:
  • Delivers a natural finish
  • Firmly holds styles in place


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