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These masks are not intended for front line health workers in a operating room. They are intended to be worn by persons to reduce risk of spread of infection.


 Surgical style masks are now available through Med PPE. Designed with a fluid-resistant outer layer which covers both the nose and mouth and should be worn by professionals who interact with infectious pathogens or harmful chemicals in their workplace. These masks different from respirators masks. They are also certified differently.  Assess your environment and select the appropriate mask for you.

3-ply masks are widely used protective tools in mostly the healthcare field, but have appropriate uses across industries. Ideal when defending the body against harmful chemicals and infections, using surgical style masks can help significantly reduce risks of bacterial or viral transmission. 3-ply masks and respirators are not the same product and are certified differently. These masks provide a barrier of protection against large particle droplets and are not as effective against smaller particles. For that you will want a KN95 mask. 

 Product Specifications:

  • 50 masks/box
  • Material: Melt blown, Non-woven fabric
  • Earloops
  • One size fits all
  • Pleated
  • Single use

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