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Blowout Curvy Queen - curl creating blowout cream. Finally get the curls you deserve - heat-protecting curl-creating blowout cream lets you create the impossible on straight hair; waves that are sexy, bouncy, voluptuous...and last. Hold level 2. Satin finish.
How To Use:
  • Waves for Days - Let your hair dry 80%. Create four sections and braid each one. Hit your strands with low power to avoid frizz.
  • Unbraid and let those waves ride!
  • Blowouts for the curly girls - Rock your locks smooth and straight on day one. To extend your blowout to day two, wave it out.
  • Before bed, create two sections with a center parting from hairline to the nape. Divide each section into two sub-sections.
  • Gently twist the two sub-sections, and secure with a loose hair tie. Sleep tight. Wake up and unravel those natural-looking waves.
Features and Benefits:
  • All in one blowout creams:
  • Easy grip-enhancing Texture
  • Grip it. These game-changing creams give the perfect amount of grip to ease your blow dry, but hold your style
  • Protective helps guard against heat damage
  • Say goodbye to heat damage. These all-in-one creams help to protect your hair against damage that can occur during blow drying and heat styling
  • Versatile custom shape control
  • Be the queen, stay the queen. What good is a blow dry that falls limp in minutes? Make sure your look lasts.

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