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Maria Nila Silver Shot is a finishing treatment with violet pigment that neutralizes golden tones. It makes sure the cuticles are properly closed by helping restore the hair's natural pH level. The treatment should be used directly after the bleaching treatment is finished at the salon. We recommend that the customer buys a Silvershot to use at home to make sure that the hair retains the correct pH level, keeping the cuticles closed and the hair smooth.
    • How To Use
Apply to newly washed, towel-dried hair and let it sit for 3-10 min. If a warm result is desired, apply the Silver Shot but let sit for max. 3 min in order to close the cuticles but not let the violet pigment attach.
    • Features and Benefits
-100 % Vegan & Cruelty Free
-Prolongs the result thanks to the low pH that will close the cuticle
-Removes unwanted yellow tones
-Sulphate and Paraben Free

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