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Maria Nila power powder is a volumising, matte styling powder. The main ingredient in Power Powder is Silica Silylate, which adds great texture and volume to dry hair. Power Powder works well for those desiring a long-lasting experience of thicker, high-volume hair without it feeling heavy. The powder works great for both long and short hair and gives as much volume to fine hair as thick. In comparison to the Maria Nila Cleansing Powder, the Power Powder adds more volume and texture, and is less absorbent.

The Power Powder is a great tool for both hairdressers and end-consumers to create volume, hold and long-lasting styling. It is especially useful if you want to create the sensation of having thicker hair or to secure your bridal, prom or party hairstyle.
Power Powder is also suitable for fixing braids or hairstyles after using hair coils to create extra long-lasting texture. The bottle has a pump function which enables easier and more even application. Thanks to the light formula and the handy pump, this product can also be applied to create wanted volume in specific parts of the hair.
How To Use:
  • Shake the bottle before application. Apply Power Powder near the roots in dry hair, and gently massage the powder into the hair to create a matte and volumising look.
  • This volume powder can also be applied in sections of the hair for a more even result and extra volume.
  • The head technician at Maria Nila recommends using the Power Powder as an alternative to wax.
  • Unlike hair wax that collects the hairs, Power Powder separates them instead.
  • The result is a voluminous hair with a matte effect that does not look too polished.
Features and Benefits:
  • -Silica Silylate adds volume and texture to the hair.
  • Gives a matte finish with a firm feel. It works by separating the individual hairs, especially strengthening the roots of the hair.

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