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Maria Nila Finishing Spray is a gentle spray with strong hold, yet easy to brush out.
Compared to the Styling Spray, the Finishing Spray has a stronger hold and is lighter than the Extreme Spray. The Styling Spray has a fruity scent of pineapple and blackberry, with floral notes of lily of the valley and jasmine.
    • How To Use
Application: Blow-dry and/or style hair and apply the spray to dry hair when the styling is finished for a good long-lasting hold.

Ask yourself what results you want, when choosing which hair spray to use. If you want a slightly strong hold, and a spray that can still be brushed out, Finishing Spray is the perfect option. Use the spray to finish off the styling or updo to keep the style in place. Our head technician at Maria Nila highly recommends the Finishing Spray when applying hair spray to curls, only spray it on the curls and avoid spraying it all over the hair. This will allow free movements in the hair, while keeping the curls in place.
    • Features and Benefits
Ingredients for a strong hold
The sunflower plant follows the sun’s movement during the day and therefore exposes itself to extraordinary radiation. It is said that the leaves and seeds have developed an effective protection system against solar radiation. The sunflower extract has repairing qualities, protects the hair from colour loss and damage caused by UV radiation and hot styling tools. It also offers strong protection against free radicals that accelerate decolourisation.
Protects the hair against damage and preserves hair colour longer. The antioxidant absorbs UV radiation and thus protects the bindings from weakening and the hair from damage caused by sunlight.

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