Majestic Keratin Nano Ceramic Round Brush

Size: 1.3"
Sale price$26.30


Majestic Keratin's nano-technology & ceramic-ionic round brush combines 100% genuine tourmaline infused bristles with light weight ceramic barrel for truly remarkable static free finish. With their unparalleled ionic action, tourmaline will bring out hair’ most lustrous shine while the heat retaining. Ceramic barrel will help dry hair faster. Available in five sizes for maximum styling versatility.


  • Constructed with high quality materials: made with ceramic and ionic properties
  • Ions in bristles repel water causing them to evaporate quickly, enhancing drying time
  • Ceramic retains heat better and emits heat over a wider spectrum of frequencies, enhancing drying time
  • Ions act in a manner similar to conditioner causing the scales that make the hair shaft, resulting in healthy, shiny hair with body
  • Ceramic loses, and gains heat less rapidly than metal, so the temperature of the brush is more constant
  • Strong and durable - last 2 times longer than average brush


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