Keune Care Derma Sensitive Lotion 2.5oz

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Do you have clients with a red or irritated scalp? Meet Derma Sensitive—this regimen is specifically created for those with sensitive scalps and actively works to combat redness and irritation. The products are specifically designed to preserve the scalp’s natural pH value.

Revitalize your hair and tackle hair loss! When the scalp is out of balance, some people experience temporary hair loss. If you’re one of them, you’re going to love this line. Derma Activate products are enriched with vitamin H, which strengthens the hair’s keratin, decreasing the number of hairs falling out. Meanwhile, caffeine stimulates the blood flow and takanal promotes new hair growth. After repeated use, your hair will have more body, volume and shine.

This intensely healing treatment targets temporary hair loss and thinning hair.

  • for preventive use: 1 -2 a week
  • for intensive use: 3 - 4 a week for 11 weeks
  • for maintance: 2 - 3 a week


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