John Paul Mitchell Systems Clarifying - Shampoo Three

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Removes Chlorine and Impurities.
A deep cleansing, chelating shampoo designed to penetrate the hair shaft to remove residual chlorine, iron and fatty acids left behind from medication and minerals, or from hard water trapped within the cortex.
How To Use:
  • Use after swimming to remove unwanted chlorine from hair or as an occasional treatment for hair that is frequently exposed to highly chlorinated water.
  • Use Shampoo Three prior to deep conditioning treatments to help accelerate and enhance complete penetration.
  • Use Shampoo Three prior to permanent waves and hair color to help remove mineral deposits that may inhibit successful processing.
Features and Benefits:
  • Deep, Internal Cleanser - Removes chlorine, iron, minerals and medication. Use before all deep conditioning treatments to enhance penetration and performance.
  • Strengthens - Helps increase inner strength and prevent immediate redeposit of impurities.
  • Excellent for Swimmers - Use after swimming to help prevent “chlorine green.”


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