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    • Product Details
The E-Styler Pro: One tool for infinite hairstyles. Smooth and straighten, make waves, or add volume to lackluster styles—our E-Styler Pro can do it all without ever pressing down on the hair for less damage and less stress.
Ergonomically designed to fit left or right-handed users, our E-Styler Pro is a professional tool that can be used at the salon or at home. A large front plate equipped with ceramic technology distributes heat evenly to style broad sections of hair. The Side Waves feature allows you to create natural-looking waves.
    • How To Use
1 Use only on dry, tangle free hair
2 Take a large section of hair in hand then brush down from the roots to the ends in a slow pulling motion
3 You can also brush from the inside out

1 Use only on dry, tangle free hair
2 Turn on the Side Waves Function. Take a large section of hair in hand, wrap it around the tool, and pull down in a gentle, slow motion.
3 Unravel hair slowly from the brush and brush fingers through.

Pro tip: Use E-Styler Pro to tease your roots for added volume.
    • Features and Benefits
The E-Stylers are equipped with coated plates that offer even heat distribution and protects your skin against burns. Ionic Technology assists in sealing the cuticle for less frizz, less damage, and silkier, happier hair.
Innovative One-Touch-Navigation allows easy control and will illuminate while warming up to your desired temperature. A memory function saves your chosen setting for ease of use.
Automatic shutdown installed for a stress-free hair care experience.
Adjustable heat setting: 150°C – 230°C
Input voltage: 100 – 240V
Five Temperature Settings
360° Power Cable

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