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This mattifying cream will give you the hold and texture you need with a great natural finish. For that naturally tussled look or to perfect that textured pompadour, this product is suitable for all hair types and will thicken fine hair. Our unique formula goes on smoothly with no clumping or stiffness. Provides texture and added thickness to short hair. Stronghold and matte finish.

For extra thickness, texture, volume, and unsurpassed hold choose matte fiber. It gives plenty of fullness while maintaining a pliable hold.

NATURAL FLEXIBLE HOLD THAT LASTS ALL DAY. Our Matte Fiber is specifically formulated to thicken and add texture to the hair to make you feel and look your very best. 
NON GREASY AND NOT SHINY. Designed by our team to give you that natural look while giving you the confidence of a great hold without being stiff. Our 3 oz. puck will last and is travel-size friendly. 

Our signature fragrance is well suited to today’s modern man. Masculine without being overbearing and designed to compliment, not overwhelm your natural grooming instincts and style. 

Free of alcohol and parabens that can be harmful and hair damaging, our fibre is water-based and easy to rinse out, making it easy to start your day and reapply the product without the annoying residue of left over product from previous use. 

How to Use:

  • This product is best applied on dry hair and is an anti-humectant.
  • Work a small amount in the palm of your hands and apply evenly throughout the hair.
  • Works on all hair types but best suited on short to medium hair length. 
  • Style as desired. 

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