GIBS Grooming Sharp Dressed Mane Shave Gel 4oz

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Face it. Your grooming routine is screaming for clarity. Whether you’re sending your 5 o’clock shadow to the grave, or drawing new lines in the beard sand with a crisper, cleaner edge, our Sharp Dressed Mane Shave Gel is clear, so you see what you’re doing with your blade. Keep your line on point and your skin soft and nourished with our moisturizing formula, all framed up with our famous Bush Master fragrance for the sniff factor. The result: A smooth, hydrated mug and a meticulous beard line with the precision to elevate your face to next-level awesome. Whether you're keeping those chops in line or hustling so that 'stache don't come back. Sharp Dressed Mane gives you an edge. Crispy is the new clean. Get it with GIBS.

How To Use:

  • BONUS: When mixed with a little bit of water, it creates a light lather, making it more like a traditional cream for those who want it.
Features and Benefits:
  • Perfect for edging, dialing in, and cleaning up lines
  • Lighter, less oily and more lubricating
  • Leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized

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