Framesi Moprhosis Sublimis Oil Conditioner

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Created for all hair types, it leaves hair moisturized, soft, silky and manageable. Its lightweight formula penetrates the hair fiber, bringing all the benefits of argon oil without buildup or weight.
How To Use:
  • Shampoo with Sublimis Shampoo for additional benefits.
Features and Benefits:
  • All types of hair, from normal to particularly dry hair, always need to be moisturized and nourished.
  • This helps prevent dehydration, combat environmental effects and ensure hair is soft and manageable.
  • For an intense conditioning action and an exceptional result in terms of softness and shine, nothing is more valuable than argon oil, a rare traditional essence that is at the forefront of hair care.
Morphosis Sublimis
• Restores hair’s natural beauty
• Prevents damage caused by dehydration
• Nourishes with vitamins and nutrients
• Powerful anti-aging ally
• Excellent for mature hair
• Color safe, will not build up
• For all hair types
• Argon oil to moisturize and protect."

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