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Highlights in 5 Minutes Start to Finish! Reawaken colored or natural hair in minutes instead of hours! Stylist apply SHIMMER on creatively placed sections of hair and gain up to two levels of permanent lift ON TONE during styling in five minutes or less. Effective on both natural or colored hair and a product for all stylists regardless of color brand used. Decolor B SHIMMER is the right here and now add-on service for turning heads and turning profits in the chair. Easy to use, apply, flat iron, no rinse and out the door! It’s The 5 Minute Money Maker.
    • How To Use
1. While wearing gloves, pour 10 ml of SHIMMER liquid into a bowl.
2. Weave / separate a section (No more than 1/4” thick) to prepare for SHIMMER service.
3. Prepare to apply SHIMMER with the applicator tool provided. Dip the applicator tool in the liquid and remove excess product by pressing applicator tool against the edge of the bowl, being careful the liquid does not drip from the applicator tool.
4. Use a paper towel to remove (dab) excess from applicator tool.
5. Use applicator tool to paint on SHIMMER liquid lightly, staying a half-inch from the scalp, no need to over - saturate (do not apply to scalp), then comb.
6. Activate SHIMMER with a flat iron (set to 350°F - 375°F, maximum, 170°C -190°C, maximum).
7. Flat iron the SHIMMER treated section of hair with fast, uniform movements, without stopping...CONTINUOUS PASSES...until the hair is completely dry (No more than 6 passes)
8. Do not rinse the hair.
9. For additional lightening, repeat the application instructions a second time on the same section of hair. Do not exceed two applications per section of hair.

Stylist tips:
• Enhance the cut’s strategic points
• Lighten the hair mass
• Lighten the hair around face
• Lighten the sections where you want to create movement
• Give a natural touch to the male cut
• DO NOT use on previously bleached hair.
• DO NOT use on damaged or compromised hair.
    • Features and Benefits
- HIghlights in 5 Minutes - Start to Finish
- Up to Two Levels of Lift ON TONE During Styling
- Flat Ironed Activated, No Rinse, Out the Door
- Instant Add On Service - Menu Item
- Adds Dimension & Shine During Styling
- Use on Natural or Colored Hair
- For All Stylist regardless of Color Brand Used
- Revolutionary - The 5 Minute Money Maker
    • Ingredients
Acqua (water), Hydrogen Peroxide, Panthenol, Polyquaternium - 55, Polyquaternium - 22, Cetrimonium Chloride, Etidronic Acid, Silicone Quaternium - 26, PPG-3, Myristyl Ethel, Phenoxyethanol , Caprylyl Glycol

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