Framesi Color Lover Progressively Smooth Leave-In Smoothing Spray 6oz

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Progressively Smooth Leave-In Smoothing Spray. Work smarter not harder. Taming frizz is tough. FRAMESI COLOR LOVER PROGRESSIVELY SMOOTH works for you, transforming your hair from the inside. Experience the progressive effect…. the more you indulge, the more it smooths while keeping your color >95% longer.

How To Use:

  • Spray on towel-dried hair; work product from root to end. For maximum results, blow dry and flat iron hair.
  • Can also be sprayed to eliminate frizz on air dried or diffused curls.
Features and Benefits:
  • Take home smoothing
  • Continuous control- coily to straight, continually transform hair from the inside
  • Progressive effect, the more product is used the smother & less frizzy the hair becomes
  • Progressively tame locks with every application: Noticeable results in as little as 3 applications
  • Protects against humidity & the environment
  • Works on all hair types

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