Esquire Grooming The Hand Brush Dryer

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The Brush Dryer – think of it as a brush with the added benefit of drying as it styles. It gives you more control when styling your male clientele. Plus, it adds volume and allows you to begin shaping and styling your client’s hair before you put product in it, which means you can use less product.

This Hand Brush Hair Dryer by Esquire Grooming for men’s grooming, features a soft-touch finish and a comfortable grip that allows you to dry and comb hair simutaneously. It contains Infrared technology which helps smooth hair and retain moisture, plus two settings for temperature and speed control. The Brush Dryer also features a DC Motor and heat resistant bristles with ballpoint pins for detangling.

Makes a great gift for him!

How To Use:

  • First, quick towel-dry hair
  • Turn on Hand Brush Dryer and comb in the direction you ultimately want your client’s hair to fall.
  • When your client’s hair is dry, and in the general direction and shape you want it to be, apply product.


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