Embellish in Black 200X Bronzer by Tan Incorporated Indoor Tanning Bed Lotion 13.5 oz

Sale price$22.95


Adorn yourself with a tan so seductively dark and skin so soft it begs to be admired. This head turning bronzer is artisan crafted with unadorned 200X Black Bronzer to embellish your skin with the darkest tan imaginable. A potent blend of Argan and Marula oil infusion is combined with a heavenly hydration complex for those who demand an extra lush conditioning experience with their darkness.

  • Advanced 200X Black Bronzer
  • Exotic Argan and Marula oil infusion
  • Heavenly Hydration Complex drenches skin in essential moisture
  • Vitamin E, light DHA and Erythulose
  • Upgraded Tanning Bed Complex
  • Paraben Free

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