Devoted Creaciones Code Select Black Bronzer - 7 oz

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  • Deep Penetrating Silicone Black Bronzers

Dedicated Code Select is an enhanced version of our world famous DC Code. Dedicated Code Select uses higher levels of DHA, natural and cosmetic bronzers to provide incredibly dark immediate and long-lasting results. Added Advanced Matrixyl synthe 6, renoge, body and lift ideal fit make this Blend bronzer the Ultimate in tightening, toning, anti-aging, and reducing wrinkles. Devoted Select Code also uses nouritan & mela-dark to produce the most natural-looking dark color while also stimulating tyrosine activity to give your tanning results a jump start. Looking for the best of the best? Look No Further than Devoted Select Code. <br/> Features: Super Dark Immediate & Natural-Looking Nouritan Technology - A complex blend of Tanning Activators and Accelerators encapsulated within an Activity Delivery System that is designed to rapidly penetrate the skin and stimulate tyrosine to promote an even, long-lasting, dark tan. Mela-dark technology assists the skin in developing the perfect golden brown Extreme bronzing blend combines intense levels of DHA and natural bronzers as well as cosmetic bronzers to deliver an immediate healthy glow to the skin Blend with extreme levels of silicone, which creates a barrier on the skin to lock in moisture and provide a silky, soft touch

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