Bed Head Manipulator Texture Putty

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Manipulator Texturizing Putty; new on the outside and just as epic on the inside. A powerful strong hold formulation, not only designed with but used by salon professionals. Delivering salon results and salon experience at home. This hair styling putty adds definition, body, and texture to the hair and provides style control. The putty helps to defend hairstyles from frizz and humidity. It has a strong, flexible hold. For incredible texture and style!

Formulated with Ozokerite that builds texture between hair fibers for style control, flexible hold, definition, and thicker-looking hair, Propylene Glycol that absorbs and retains moisture from the surroundings to help defend hairstyles against frizz and humidity, and Styling-Boosting Polymers that act like ‘style scaffolding’ for an even application and flexible hold. Features a tropical fruit fragrance.

How to Use:

  • Work a small amount through clean hair for a natural finish.
  • Use hands to scrunch, twist, or spike into shape for a finished look.
  • Let your hair air dry or gently blast to dry. It can be used on both finished dry hair or wet hair.
  • Top tip: a little Manipulator goes a long way, so be careful not to overdose on it. Start with a small amount at first and only apply more if needed.


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