Be Fab Recovery Step #2 8.4 oz

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Revlon Be Fabulous Hair Recovery Step 2 Keratin Mask 250 ml For Dry and Very Damaged Hair. Revlon Be Fabulous Hair Recovery Step 2 Keratin Mask is the second phase of the capillary repair treatment carried out by Revlon Professional; ideal for dry and very damaged hair, this mask allows you to nourish the hair fiber internally and externally, preparing it to the third step represented by the sealing shampoo of cuticles. Features and Benefits: Formula enriched with Protein, Keratin, Betaine. Perfectly regenerates the hair fiber, hydrating, nourishing and regulating it. It acts both inside and outside the hair in order to maximize the effect. The hair is healthy, strong, manageable, soft, nourished, bright. The hair gains softness, nutrition, hydration, health, strength, brilliance, charm. How to use: apply the product on damp hair and let it work for 30 minutes with a heat source. Rinse. Go to phase 3 of the treatment. For an optimal result, it is advisable to complete all four phases of the treatment which includes Step 1 Open Cuticle Shampoo, Step 2 Keratin Mask, Step 3 Cuticle Sealer Shampoo, Step 4 Keratin Conditioner.

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