Be Fab Recovery Ends Repair 2.7 oz

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Revlon Be Fabulous Hair Recovery Ends Repair Serum 80ml For Damaged and Very Dry Hair. Be Fabulous Hair Recovery Damage Hair Ends Repair Serum is the repairing and regenerating serum made by Revlon Professional; ideal for very dry and damaged hair, it is part of a specific range that helps to repair hair and split ends, providing a good anti-breakage action, which also includes Shampoo and Conditioner. Features and Benefits: Nourishes, hydrates and regenerates capillary fiber successfully. Helps regenerate and repair split ends and mistreated hair. Repairs the hair fiber, preventing further damage. Exerts a valid and effective anti-breaking action. It gives enrichment and hydration to the hair, providing nutrients and strength. It exerts an anti-aging action, prolonging the life of the fiber. Provides a valid protection on the color and tones of the hair. The hair is healthy, strong, hydrated, soft, full of vitality, bright. The hair gains strength, strength, softness, brightness, brightness, nourishment, charm. How to use: apply the product on damp or dry hair. Do not rinse. For an optimal result, we recommend also using Shampoo and Conditioner of the Be Fabulous line for Damaged Hair, all available on HairStyleMarket.

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