Ardell Invisiband Lashes Black

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Ardell Invisiband Lashes come with a clear, almost invisible, band that connects the hair strands to form a strip, they are knotted and feathered by hand for a natural look. Invisiband Lashes are made of premium quality 100% human hair. 

How to Use:

  • Thoroughly clean your eyelashes and eyelids so they are make-up and oil free.
  • Check Fit: Lay lash on top of your natural lash. If it extends beyond your lash line, trim the excess with small scissors.
  • Apply Adhesive: Squeeze a thin line of LashGrip Adhesive along the lash band. A toothpick can be used to spread it evenly. Wait about 30 seconds for adhesive to set.
  • Apply Lash: Place the lash as close to your natural lash line as possible. Use your fingertip to gently press along the band to secure in place.


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