AG Hair Natural Dry Lift - Texture & Volume Paste 1.5oz

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Formulated with over 96% plant-based and naturally-derived ingredients, AG’s Dry Lift instantly adds grit, volume and texture. Kaolin clay and volcanic ash absorb excess oil, creating a thickening effect on the hair, adding body and allowing hair to be styled and manipulated. AG’s exclusive blend of rosemary, lemon, lime, geranium and lavender essential oils provide natural fragrance and the bene ts of aromatherapy. Ideal for refreshing second day hair and creating updos.
    • How To Use
- Emulsify a small amount in hands and apply to the roots of hair for instant volume and oil absorption then style as desired.
- For a piecey look, work through hair, focusing on ends.
    • Features and Benefits
- adds, grit, volume and texture
- ideal for refreshing second day hair and creating updos
    • Ingredients
• Zeolite–a natural detoxifier with high absorption properties.
• Silica–absorbs excess oil and revives thin hair.
• Volcanic ash–absorbs excess oil.
• Kaolin(China clay )– helps to absorb oil and provides a matte finish.
• Organic shea butter–super rich and creamy, helps smooth and condition the hair.
• Essential oil fragrance blend– rosemary,lemongrass, clary sage and lavender

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